Canadian Tux.

Fall means that it is the ideal time to bust out denim on denim looks... or better known as the Canadian tuxedo. So here is my very simple look of double denim. I don't like a lot of fuss when it comes to getting dressed for the day so adding a pair of sunglasses, heels, or red lipstick helps to complete my look. When weather starts to get chillier, I like to add a scarf, a military jacket, a blazer, boots, or a hat and for a little warmer weather I change shoes to flats typically and throw my hair into a cute wavy pony tail. 

Pretty sure this is my, "How you doin'" face.

Sunnies: AJ Morgan | Top: Abercrombie and Fitch | Jeans: Textile | Clutch: Mossimo | Shoes: Simply Vera 

So how do you like to wear your denim? Special thanks again to my fabulous sister at Climer Photography. If you are interested in photographs be sure to inquire by clicking here! Check back again for more posts! 


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