Casual Monday's

So Monday's aren't always the easiest day of the week. Today I started my summer classes... So with that being said here is my Casual Monday. On Monday's you don't necessarily have the desire to get ready nor put a ton of effort into getting ready. This look is basic and can be dressed up or dressed down to get the desired look. Head to toe:

Basics of Monday. Easy hair and makeup I literally take my hair and put it in a knot on the top of my head with a hair tie and basic eyeliner and mascara. 

My top and shorts are from Forever 21 shoes are Mossimo from Target. 

This top has sheer shoulder panels that are really quite brilliant for summer and keeping well ventilated for hot days. It also has a lovely racer back detail in the back.

 The shorts are a silky pajama style with arrows all over them. I absolutely love the arrow trend that has been out there and these are perfect for hot summer days. 

These shorts also have this awesome athletic short paneling detail. I love how they fit they even have an elastic waistband so I can wear it tucked in or belted. or high waisted or low rise.

Hope you all have enjoyed Casual Monday as much as I have! Check back on Friday for my weekend post! Special thanks once again to my amazing sister at Climer Photography for taking my pictures and helping with my blog :) 


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