your epidermis is showing

So this is a little much for the day and a little sexy. I had to love show it! Leather into summer trend started happening last summer and I love it. It is the perfect amount of edge to be added to your wardrobe. My awesome sister was nice enough to lend me her leather shorts for this shoot because the jeans I ordered that were leather were about three sizes too small!! Anyways this is my take on summer leather and what I think would be a great look for date night! 
 My blazer is Forever 21 keeping in the white out trends! I love blazers and this one is just the bee's knees. It has a silky lining and cute vertical stripes on the cuffs of the sleeves. 

This is the crop top from my destroyed look part two. Its Forever 21 I love, if you don't have one, get one because they seriously go with so much.

My sisters awesome leather shorts are from Forever 21. Its so nice to have a sister to share a closet with and that we are close enough in size to swap! It completely extends your wardrobe!

 My absolutely favorite thing to add to black and white is red nail polish. Red is such a strong color. I love this, it is Color Show!

 My shoes are really awesome. I have already worn them several times with so many looks! I can't wait to feature them on the blog more!

The shoes are from Target and they also come in a brown and tan color. 

Special thanks again to my amazing sister at Climer Photography! Check out her awesome blogs and beautiful photos. I could not function without my sisters help, I love her. Check back on Monday for a new post! 


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  1. You're awesome!! I love the shorts and the outfit! You are just "so stylin'"! However,...I think I will "pass" on purchasing this outfit for me! I think I am a "bit" too OLD and a "BIT" too FAT!! LOL! Love seeing your blog!!
    ((I will add tho, at one time I used to wear a mini leather skirt! It was to die for!!))