Hint of Mint

So this weekend I became highly distracted with pools opening up, summer starting, and Memorial day festivities! So many women still believe that you can only wear white after Memorial day... However, I beg to differ. This is a look that I would wear anytime of the year. Maybe different colored top or adding a blazer, but seriously. White can be worn whenever! Do not fall victim to old rules! Also white shoes, they used to be somewhat trashy or even skanky at a lack for better words. These shoes were once a faux pas are now actually quite chic when worn correctly, mainly if they are a stiletto and have a narrow pointed toe. Eventually I will do a post on how awesome these shoes really can be when paired correctly! Now here is how I wear my white jeans in the end of Spring and beginning of Summer!

  These jeans are one of my favorite brands, they are by Mother Denim. They run a bit small usually but they are just perfect for all times of the year and all kinds of weather!

My top is actually a very pale mint green. I adore anything that buttons down simply because you can layer it and its  classic! I purchased it at Forever 21.

This mint green top is amazing because of the fact along the bust it is double thickness therefore you cannot see undergarments as easily! 

My very favorite detail about this top though is the back, I love backless tops and interesting backs, this one has a tuxedo cut and makes it very light weight and elegant! 

I've shown these Gianni Bini shoes before but I really wanted to show off the way that these jeans are destroyed. Please excuse my incredibly veiny foot. I love any sort of edge that can be added such as the ripped ends on these Mother's jeans.  

This picture of the bows on the shoes was too awesome not to add. After all the storms last week, the flowers and leaves nearby formed this awesome collection that I fell in love with. 

Hope that you all enjoyed my take on white jeans! I apologize again for my delay in posting! Hope all of you will check back again for my next post soon! 

Special Thanks: My best friend/sister always takes my photos and I think they are just the bees knees or cats pajamas whichever you prefer! If you like them too and want to see more of her work check her out HERE or to the right of my page. She has beautiful photographing skills, awesome blog posts, and incredibly helpful DIY's! 


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