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Sorry about the delays in posts, finals week is finally over and I hope to be able to post more frequently this summer! I love polka-dots and I love jeans. I love classic looks and vintage looks so this is a mixture of classic feminine and vintage touches.This post is my farewell to Spring!(even though Midwest weather is not yet summer)

 This top is very sheer and a pale almost nude color.

 It has a shine to it and is F21.

 I found these jeans at a store that I have not been in years. 

 My best friend loves American Eagle and when I saw them I knew I had to have them. 

 And on top of that they were a steal $18. 

 I love shiny things so of course I had to add a purse and shiny shoes.

 The purse is a vintage find giving this a classic touch.

 I am obsessed with cropped denim right now. 

 All about details. I love the zippers on these jeans. Too cute.
The shoes are Gianni Bini and have a twist in the front adding a vintage feel.

 Here is a closer look at the purse. It has the most beautiful beading on it and a chain link strap. (It can be worn cross-body but it is too short for me!) Nails also Essie: Fiji 

Check back next week for more posts!

Special Thanks: My lovely sister at Climer Photography for the fabulous pictures every week! I wouldn't be able to blog without her! Please take time to look at her posts and DIY's you will not regret it! She is amazing! Click HERE to see!


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