Destroyed: Part Two of Three

So from all of my posts I am almost certain that everyone knows my love and adoration for stripes. So naturally when I made my weekly trip to Forever 21 I found the perfect striped crop top and on top of that it was only $7!!! So I of course had to have it because it was striped and so affordable! Like many college students I enjoy a good bargain! So here is my very Full House styled outfit that I cannot wait to wear all summer!  

I love the short-sleeves especially if it is a cooler summer day!

  The shirt is a medium so be careful with sizing since it is a crop you may need to go up a size! 

The shirt also comes in a shade of red, I almost purchased it but i is not my favorite red!

Since I didn't buy the red I decided that red nails were a good option! The red I am using is Maybelline Color Show, "Keep Up The Flame" #250

 I adore that the shorts button down instead of zipping. It just gives it an even more old school feel!

I also paired them with my red van knock offs from Target a taste of punk and Full House.

Special Thanks once again to my extraordinary sister @ Climer Photography! Check back on Friday for my third installment in the Destroyed Series of Posts! 


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