Met Gala 2013: "Punk: Chaos to Couture."

Okay, so many people do not know what the whole fuss about the Met Gala is, and to be real honest other than the crazed outfits the "it" celebrities wear I myself was not hugely informed about the Met Gala. So I did a little digging to find out exactly what the Met Gala is... 
The Met Gala is an annual event at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and it benefits the Costume Institute. The Costume Institute used to be a permanent exhibit in the museum where historical costumes and accessories were displayed. Sounds pretty sweet to me!! Anyways each year it has a theme kind of like a high school prom. Last years theme was dedicated to brilliant designer, Alexander McQueen after his death and was called "Savage Beauty." This years theme is much more fun and exciting, not that paying tribute to the wonderful McQueen designs isn't. This years Met Gala theme was "Punk: Chaos to Couture." Enough history! On to some of my favorite looks and disappointments!I like to end on a good note so lets start with the bad. 

Kim Kardashian. I love the Kardashian's but honestly what the heck was Kim thinking? I love embracing the baby bump, but this is not the proper way to show it.Maybe a case of pregnancy brain? I'm utterly confused by the gloves as well... It's spring and you look like you have no hands, which is kind of creepy.(Givenvhy by Riccardo)

Madonna. What were you thinking? This makes me think of a bad film about Nazi Germany. I understand the concept of punk and I know you do too, but this is inappropriate and certainly not age appropriate for you. BAD Madonna. (Givenchy Haute Couture by Riccardo Tisci)

Beyonce. Looking like a hot mess. I can't even look at this picture because I am so disappointed in Queen Bey's styling and dress. AWFUL.(Givenchy)

Katy Perry. Are you trying to make me cry? What about this look is punk or even good for that matter? She has an awesome figure and this dress isn't doing her any justice. Absolute disaster. (Dolce & Gabbana)

Miley Cyrus. Anyone who knows me knows that I love me some Miley Cyrus. I have loved her newer edgy look but this is just bad. Her hair had been looking so good but for some reason this reminds me of a crazier Sharon Stone do. I love Marc Jacobs and this dress would have been so maj if she kept her hair like it was on the cover of Cosmo. I still love her, but she's totally on fashion probation. (Marc Jacobs)

 Elle Fanning. I get it you're young and may not have a concept of what punk truly is, but this is ever so clearly not punk. You should really know that is seventies and hippie and so not chic. This looks like a bad costume for Hair the musical. Also you should find a new makeup artist it looks like a five year old painted on your rainbow eyeshadow and not in a punk grunge way.  WORST DRESSED NOMINEE. (Rodarte)

Kristen Stewart. Just giving me reasons to dislike her even more. I commend her for trying to pull of a pant suit however, this is really really bad. The pants do not fit at all and I really want to blame it on how high the waist is but this is just so bad. Her makeup was right on though with Punk theme being deep red and almost bloody looking. Seriously bad look.(Stella McCartney) WORST DRESSED NOMINEE. WORST DRESSED.

On to the good
A major trend of the night was cutouts- not totally punk but still super sexy and a trend I adore.

Miranda Kerr. Gorgeous. So her look isn't very punk minus the black and the clutch with spikes, yet she still looks amazing. I mean she is a supermodel. (Michael Kors)

Emma Watson. pretty much can't make a fashion mistake in my book. Black is always good and this cutout piece with natural makeup makes her looks stunning. Black Magic if you will. Girlfriend knows what's up. (Prabal Gurung)

Taylor Swift. Classic dress with small cut outs the detailing is just so wonderful. The only complaint I have with her look is her hair. I know people are getting sick of seeing her with the bangs 24/7 however for this Punk Gala, I would have loved to have seen her hair much like it was in the music video for "I Knew You Were Trouble" it would have made this look so much more edgy and would have been a best dressed nominee if so. (J.Mendel)

Olivia Wilde. I am wild for this look. I love it. It isn't quite cutouts but it is revealing enough. She looks major. I wish her hair was a little more disheveled but this is totally working for her. LOVE.(Calvin Klein) 

Anne Hathaway. Words cannot describe how much I love this gown. Her bleached locks are even growing on me. She looks amazeballs. BEST DRESSED NOMINEE.(vintage Valentino)

Next for the looks without major cutouts unless you count plunging necklines...

Cara Delevigne. Embodies exactly what punk couture should look like. I adore how she looks from the dark eyes, the modern fake head shave braid to the plunging neck, to the black and studs. She knows what she's doing. BEST DRESSED NOMINEE. (Burberry)

Rooney Mara. However, not very punk she looks stunning. I love the dark lip and slicked back hair with the soft lace gown. She looked beautiful and the back of the dress was just as great as the front. (Givenchy Haute Couture)

Nicole Richie. Absolutely in love with this. Although the white hair is cray, it makes her skin glow and I absolutely love this dress, its topshop which is awesome to rock at a Gala. BEST DRESSED NOMINEE probably just because I love her style on a regular basis too.(topshop)

Blake Lively. OMG. She seriously looks great all the time. I love this piece it has just a hint of punk which is great since she is typically classic and bohemian. LOVE.(Gucci)

Jennifer Lawrence. I love this. Not really punk although the veil totally makes me think of old school My Chemical Romance, Helena music video. She looks totally classic like a Grace Kelly. I adore this. Kudos J.Law. (Dior)

 Giuliana Rancic. I love her. She is seriously one of my favorite people on E! We always agree on Fashion Police choices. I think she is killing it in this dress. She looks rad. (Falguni and Shane Peacock)

Nina Dobrev. Absolutely love this. I'm not sure why because its a pant suit with a hoop skirt, but it is fabulous. Its punk couture. BEST DRESSED NOMINEE and potentially BEST DRESSED in general. Love her. (Monique Lhuillier) 

Sorry about my slow posting process. I am sure as soon as summer begins I will be posting more! What did you think about the looks from last nights Met Gala? 
Check back later to see my punk inspired look!


I do not own or claim any rights to these photos the rights will remain with their rightful owners and of their subjects.


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