On the night before Christmas all through the house our family is preparing for the day that lies ahead. Not a creature was stirring other than my computers mouse.  With I have visions of shoes and handbags dancing through my head!  There is one tradition in our family that will never be dead. As a child reading the night before Christmas and opening gifts to preparing our Christmas lunch! Everyone has their own Christmas Traditions, one of my families and many other families traditions consist of getting new pajamas every year. Each year I look forward to unwrapping my pajamas and having a new pair to wear during Christmas morning and Christmas Day. The new pajama's always make Christmas pictures look nice, especially when they have no wrinkles or stains from waking up on Christmas morning. 

Throughout the years my parents have bought my sister and I several different brands and types of pajamas, my favorite pajamas almost always come from Victoria's Secret! 

Nothing quite says Christmas morning like red flannel pajamas! These are lightweight and warm at the same time making for an excellent temperature while exchanging gifts!

I also love getting to pretend that I'm a Victoria's Secret model while posing in my jammies! 

I adore how this top has buttons on the sleeves so I can roll them up during the day especially great when eating! 

The top has the great ruffling trim and I think it is so feminine and classic. It just really makes me happy. 

A great feature in these shorts is the back pocket detail! The pants that are also flannel have a back pocket as well! I am inseparable from my phone and it allows me to keep my phone with me while doing Christmas activities! 

This picture just about sums up how my Christmas mornings are spent! Laying down opening gifts with my family! Including my baby cat, Chewee (Chewbacca) , he is finally making his debut on my blog tongue out and all! Chewee and I wish all of you a safe, blessed, and very merry Christmas! 


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