Feel Flows

I often take inspiration from decades of style, music, and movies when I get ready for the day. This month so far, most of my inspiration has been from the 70's and films like Almost Famous. There is so much about Kate Hudson's style in the movie that I love to wear on a regular basis. So for my 70's inspired look for this unseasonably warm winter, I paired some flared mother denim with a staring at stars sweater, Jeffery Campbell Lita boots, and a fabulous Eugenia Kim hat. Add a leather bomber jacket and fringe purse with this look and you instantly feel transported back to the 70's. I love the ease of the style in the 70's and I think that is why this month I have gravitated back toward the era of style this month. What are some of your favorite styles from the 70's that you love wearing to pay homage to the trends of the 1970s? 

Its good to not take fashion too seriously... Fashion and style is supposed to be fun, or funny. 

And if you forget to wear a coat like I often do, your hair can serve as a beard to warm your face and neck. 

Hat: Eugenia Kim | Top: Staring at Stars | Jeans: Mother Denim | Shoes: Jeffery Campbell Lita Boots 

Stay warm and send good vibes to everyone! Check back for more posts next week! Special thanks again to my confidant, friend, fixer, voice of reason, my sister, my photographer. If you are interested in inquiring for photographs click HERE to learn more about Climer Photography! 


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