New Year's Eve is tomorrow night meaning that the upcoming year 2015 allows for new opportunities and adventures. This also means one of my favorite things, new trends, styles, and color pallets. So for tomorrow night I would like to ring in the New Year in one of my favorite styles that I don't believe I will be saying goodbye to in 2015. I love wearing fur vests with leather it makes me feel like a rock star, which is how everyone should feel when welcoming a new year! I chose to pair an olive green top with a fuzzy sweater for warmth and sticking with my Christmas Eve trend of wearing leather jeans wearing booties instead of heels allows comfort in standing or dance away 2014! Adding my favorite sparkled bracelet to give a hint of new year excitement and a bold lip to tie my look together to wave goodbye to 2014 and say hello to 2015. Will you be greeting the New Year in style? 

Sunnies: AJ Morgan | Vest: Jessica Simpson | Top: H&M | Cuff: The Flower Merchant | Jeans: Forever 21 | Shoes: Mossimo

Special thanks again to my very special and talented sister at Climer Photography. To Inquire about photos, get inspired, or to read great blogs, by my sister, click HERE!

Have a safe and very happy 2015! See you all next year! 


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