2013 MTV Movie Awards: Red Carpet Battle

The MTV Movie Awards, you never know what types of fashion that will be seen on red carpet or during the show. From the fierce and fabulous to the tragic and tired, this award show gave a taste of great and terrible looks. However, among those looks were a few diamonds and the men of the evening were dapper as can be street style and classic red carpet.Starting with the worst of the ladies of the night.

Ke$ha, I understand that it was Coachella the weekend before, but your look is a bit confusing and sad, you look like a goth hippie which just doesn't work. This look is so tragic and looks very Christina Aguilera circa 2000's (dirty cd) 

Paramore, I hate to do this to you, but two out of three of you look ridiculous and not in a good way. I am glad to see people having fun with fashion however I wish the beautiful and talented Haley Williams would wear something unexpected and feminine for one show(not that I don't love her talented voice) Better luck next award show fashion wise. Check out their new CD though, it is awesome.

Macklemore, I don't understand why you would cover a tailored suit with a ridiculous matador jacket, instead of having a gold star and causing me to be in matador adore you have made me feel like Mackle-NO-More should be your name.

Brittany Snow, you are my saddest fashion flop. Your hair and makeup are impeccable and you look beautiful, but your dress looks like you ripped the wings off of two loving owls and super-glued them to your dress. This look is just aca-ackward. Love you though.

Moving On to the ALMOST great looks... 

 Chloe Grace Moretz, ahh I want to love her look, but it is just far too casual for an award show, even if it is just MTV. I love this dress though, paired with some leather cut-out booties I would be in hipster heaven

Bella Thorne, I love this suit look only concern is that it ages her. She is so young and fresh, she should be having fun with fashion, not trying to look 30. 

  Holland Roden, I love how classic this dress is, however I wish that the neckline was not so plunging and that the length was a little bit shorter since she is so petite

 Selena Gomez, I want to love it, but watching it on television was not as great as it was in pictures. I think she looks flawless other than her hair which is the only reason I put her in the ALMOST category. That hair looks like a horse's mane at competition or a unicorn. Not that I don't love both of those animals, but I would have rather saw this look with a sleek and simple ponytail.


Quvenzhane Wallis, love her. Tiniest fashionista, yes, very matchy matchy, but who cares the girl is like eight years old and rockin' a sick animal purse.

Jordana Brewster, super awesome classic white dress. Love it but it just was not a WOW moment.

Zoe Saldana, this skirt is epic. I love everything about it from the sheer panel, the floral the slit, it is straight up sexy with the black long sleeves, even if it is a bit fall.

 Emma Watson, love how fresh and clean and youthful she looks beautiful even though I hate the shoes though. Adore this.

 Karlie Kloss, best dressed female of the night! She was a carpet correspondent and looked amazeballs. Love the white crop top with the white slit skirt and white heels. All white ahh love.

On to my best dressed men of the night!

Eddie Redmayne love how casual and cool he looks. It is an updated James Dean flare that I am in love with. He can sing and can dress and he's British, what more can a girl ask for?  

 Liam Hemsworth, ahhhh, sigh, swoon, bearded and causal button down with an awesome vest. I am simply in love with the Aussie and his looks. Bravo Miley, you have won the grand supreme in dating.

 Avan Jogia, I love this look. I can't get over it and I'm not even sure why. It may be the long hair helping in his favor. 

 Skylar Astin, he can sing, he can dance, he can make me laugh, and now he can pull off a simple suit and plain white button down, excuse me while I fall in aca-amazing love.

 Tom Hiddleston, my best dressed male of the evening. That suit was wow. Tailored to perfection. This British babe may play a villain but he is a hero of the fashionable. Love this so much. 

That's all for the MTV Movie Awards 2013! 
Check back tomorrow!





  1. I Loved Emma Watson's and Karlie Kloss' looks! So edgy, but chic!



    1. I adore both of them and their looks so much!