Coachella or Bust

coachella or die

Its music festival season and this week starts Coachella... I am dying to go, one day I will make it. I love Coachella and all of the style and interesting ways people decided to use pieces. Its all about kicking off summer and spring and celebration of music and appreciation of fashion and music. I am predicting a lot of similar looks to last years, lots of crop tops, dusters, booty shorts, macrame, fringe, round lenses, layers of jewelry, boots, booties, maxi skirts, maxi dresses, leather, lace, floral prints and head gear, hats, and as always feathers and tie-dye.   

So if I were heading to Coachella or any music festival this would be in my wardrobe: 

From head to toe
- hats: big and floppy
- headbands: feathers, tie-dye, turbans, flowers, floral, etc.
- sunglasses: oval, Lennon, cat eye, buggy, colorful
- jewelry: necklaces different lengths light weight, bracelets; wraps in particular, and always natural stone rings. 
- dresses: baby doll dresses, maxi dresses, open back dresses
- tops: all sorts of sleeveless dusters,  crop tops, macrame, tie up, tank tops, flowy, crochet, bikini tops, bralettes, bra tops, eyelet lace, ombre, tie-dye(tasteful), fringe tops, fringe dusters.
- bottoms: booty shorts: denim, tribal, leather, striped, dyed, waxed. maxi skirts.     
- cut out booties 
- tribal print booties
- fringe or cowboy booties
- sandals 
- and for the brave souls, wedges

Hope everyone attending music festivals can enjoy and find something awesome to wear! If you do go please share your music festival style with me! 

Check back tomorrow! 

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