Re-eeh-eeh-eeh-eheh-edddd {red}

Is it Spring yet? It has been feeling a bit of spring and fall in the Midwest, therefore my wardrobe has been a direct reflection. I love stripes horizontal, vertical, diagonal, I love them all. Except Pinstripes, I'm not a pimp. And quite like any 90's baby, I love me some denim jackets- sometimes they just make your look ten times better. I like messy hair, partially because its easy and I have a tendency of sleeping in and partially is because its fun. What is the best accessory when you don't want to over accessorize? RED LIPSTICK.

My dress actually has sleeves on it that are three quarter length which is awesome for my monkey arms and it is the perfect length for me. (I'm 5'9"ish, makes it hard to buy short dresses.)

Dress: Urban Outfitters, BDG and also has three buttons down the left side. It is like wearing pj's super comfortable. 

Embrace the humidity and messy. Messy hair, smudged eyeliner, and even smudged lips.

 I am always wearing this necklace. Karma is such a funny thing.

 This red lipstick is my favorite, it is Kate Moss from Target and is Red 01. It doesn't taste icky like most lipsticks when you accidentally lick or bite your lips and it lasts almost a full work day.

I honestly just like this picture of me because I feel like a superhero. 

I love my denim. This specific jacket is Abercrombie vintage and its slightly distressed which is why I love it so much.

 I am all about comfort and saving money, these knock off ked's/van's are from target and are only $13. They are easily my favorite shoes. Making the perfect statement without being too much or over the top. 

Sorry for the delay in posts, its almost finals week! Eeeek!
Special thanks to Climer Photography my gorgeous and talented sister!
 Look at her pretty pictures and DIY's I love her. 
K Thanks!
 Check back for more later this week!


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